Automatic Cabochon Machine (Complete Kit with improved 2-sided tape & templates, by Tagit)



This is the versatile Tagit "Cabber", an automatic cabochon-making machine.  Once you mount it and set it up, you can make cabochons very quickly.  We like to shape them on a 100-mesh diamond grinding wheel, then put a batch into the vibratory tumbler with 33% ceramic shapes and 220 grit Silicone Carbide powder, then 600 grit + shapes, then some Cerium Oxide polish powder + shapes.  A very quick way to make a batch of two dozen agate cabochons!  This unit comes complete with plenty of the "improved" dopping tape (plus the wire needed to de-laminate it), and 6 different sizes of cabochon templates. Both the tape and the templates can be reordered as needed.

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