Rock Polishing Services

The Great Question

One of the most common questions we get from individuals is, "Is there someone who will take my rocks and polish them for me?"

Little Red Store does not polish rocks for individuals nor are we aware of any such service.

You Still Have Options, However

We can advise that there are four options we know of for polishing up that beautiful stone (or stones) you found on vacation last summer:

1.  Buy a rock tumbler and the supplies necessary to polish the stone(s) yourself...

2.  Buy a rock tumbler for your kids and have them do the polishing for you at no cost...

3.  Ask your friends who have rock tumblers to do you a favor...

4.  Find a rock club (aka, Lapidary Club) in your area, go to a meeting, and start asking the members how you could get that rock (or rocks) polished.  You might even join the rock club--it's a great way to get inexpensive supplies and materials, and the only way we know to have the opportunity to talk about rocks--and rock processing--to very knowledgeable people who have many years of experience making rocks look pretty.

And the first time someone shows you the necklace or ring they made--well, it will likely be love at first sight--not for the person, but for their rocks!  It's at this point that you will likely revert to Step #1 above.

This will insure that your beautiful vacation stones are lovingly tumbled to perfection!

Thanks for stopping by--we hope you will find this the perfect solution!