Modern Rock Tumbling (Softcover Printed Version)



This is the bestselling rock tumbling book written by Steve Hart (written in English) which has been shipped all over the world.  It was written to help beginners as well as experienced rock tumblers.  It contains modern, up-to-date data and clear instructions for producing show-quality tumbled rocks, shells and glass.  We will ship this book anywhere we can get the U.S. Post Office to take it, including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Europe and Australia.  If you are located outside of the USA, just send us an E-Mail (see "Contact Us" under Services in the top column) with your full mailing address and telephone number, and we will get you a quote for the shipping costs.  Then, if you agree with the shipping costs, we will send you a PayPal Money Request to make the payment.  If you would like to read the book review which appeared in the September, 2008 edition of "Rock & Gem Magazine" see "Book Reviews" at the top of each page.  If you wish to save the shipping costs and have the information available to you in just five minutes, please order our eBook version.

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