Package Deal # 6 -- The Complete Package

  • Package Deal # 6 -- The Complete Package
  • Package Deal # 6 -- The Complete Package


Package 06

Package 06 is a complete rock tumbling package for beginners and for those who want to start over with quality rock tumbling equipment and supplies.  It even includes soft and hard rocks!

Here is what we included in this complete package:

Package 01:  This is the seven containers of powders and ceramic shapes.  One quart of Ceramic Shape Mix, a half-gallon of 80-grit Silicon Carbide powder, a quart of 220-Grit Silicon Carbide powder, and a pint each of 600-Grit SiC powder, 1000-Grit SiC powder, Cerium Oxide Rock Polish and Tin Oxide Rock Polish.

Package 02:  This includes the book, Modern Rock Tumbling, three pairs of Tablespoon Measures, one half-cup (4 ounce) measure, one Polish Stick, one Stir Stick, one Zoom Spout Oiler, one Plastic Colander, and one AccuFill Ring Gauge.

In addition to these items, Package 06 also includes a Lortone 33B twin-barrel tumbler (3 Lb barrels) two Snappy Grip paint bucket handle replacements for easier carrying of heavy rocks, five pounds of Black Obsidian and 5 pounds of Stoney Creek Jasper.

Then we applied a 7.5 % volume discount to the Retail prices to get our Package 06 price.

We call this a “complete” package because it will run approximately 10 batches of either soft rocks (like obsidian) or hard rocks (like jasper).  You have everything to measure it and run it to completion!  We think this package will be all that you need to start producing wonderfully polished rocks right from your first batch!  Just be sure to follow the updated “recipes” under TechTips at the top of this page.  You can also call us anytime to get immediate answers to your questions and problems!

Happy Tumbling!


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