1 Pint Tin Oxide Rock Polish (1.0 Lbs)



Tin Oxide is the #2 choice for tumbling hard and soft rocks.  (Cerium Oxide is first)  The standard polishing sequence is 2 weeks (continuous) in Cerium Oxide, then 2 weeks (continuous) in Tin Oxide.  This will almost always produce a fantastic polish.  This Tin Oxide is white in color and 3-5 microns in particle size.  It is an excellent polish for agates, quartz, quartz crystals, glass, obsidian, rubies, sapphires and opals.  Shipped in a 1-pint plastic container with a snap-on lid.  This is 1.0 pounds of Tin Oxide powder, at $45.17 per pound.  Unfortunately, this is a "Rare Earth Mineral" and is in high demand for high-efficiency motors.  Just try some...

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